Amethyst Crystal


For those struggling with full nights of restoration and relief: If there is only crystal in the bedroom, it should be Amethyst.  

Amethyst was believed to be a protective stone that purified the mind and cleared negative thoughts.*

It was believed to get rid of nightmares and help relieve stress and anxiety leaving the bystander refreshed and relaxed throughout the night.*

History: In Chinese Medicine, Amethyst is associated with the open the brow and crown chakra.

Size: This Crystal fits in the palm of a hand (1.5 inches to 2. inches) and comes in a small bag. 

Directions: Simply keep the crystal on a nightstand next to the bed and enjoy the beautiful array of violet crystals. Crystal experts believe the best way to "recharge" the crystal is to keep it on a windowsill under the light of a full moon.